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Exontrol is devoted to create innovative user interface components for Windows applications, on /COM, /NET or /WPF platforms, since 1999. "eXontrol" comes from e(s)pecial (c)ontrol, where sc makes the X. Software development never stops. Neither do we. Our components are and will continue to be cutting edge development tools that adapt to the needs of our customers and to the changing software development environment. On this site you find components/tools/products/samples that are used in programming languages such as VB, VB.NET, VBA, C++, C#, X++, VFP, Access, Excel, Word, HTML, Delphi, Smalltalk, uniPaas (eDeveloper), Clarion, Dynamics AX, Dynamics NAV, xBasic, Visual Objects, Visual Dataflex, PowerBuilder, LabVIEW, Xbase++, AutoIt, Power++, FORTH, and so on...

next changes

The following movie shows how fast the control is:

We have been asked many times, how fast our controls are. So, it's the time to answer. The movie shows how fast the control (ExG2antt, ExGantt, ExGrid, ExTree, ExList, ) is. The sample fills the control with 1,000,000 items(bars), and runs in less than 4 seconds. For those that are still skeptical, we can make it faster. The sample does not use virtual mode. The Exontrol Stress application is also used to check for memory leaks. The Stress application has been run on Microsoft Windows 10 Pro, Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700 CPU @ 3.40GHz, 3401 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 8 Logical Processor(s)., 8Gb. The sample is available to download in General FAQ as Memory Leak (Stress Application), and includes the source code as well.

latest changes and additions

*NEW: MSAA, UI Automation, IAccessible support. 
*Added: Microsoft Active Accessibility (MSAA) is designed to help Assistive Technology (AT) products interact with standard and custom user interface (UI) elements of an application (or the operating system), as well as to access, identify, and manipulate an application's UI elements. AT products work with MSAA enabled applications in order to provide better access for individuals who have physical or cognitive difficulties, impairments, or disabilities.
*Added: The Items.ItemBar(exBarIntersectWithCount), Items.ItemBar(exBarIntersectWithAsString) and Items.ItemBar(exBarIntersectWith) returns intersection count or key of the current bar with the same type of bars in the current item, AND any other type being specified by Bar.OverlaidGroup property.
*Added: The cell's caption uses the full cell's content, so <c> and <r> centers or right-aligns the cell's caption relative to the cell's available content ( by excluding the cell's check, images and pictures ), if the cell's caption format is exHTML ( Items.CellValueFormat property, Column.Def(exCellValueFormat) property )
*Added: The "check,icon,icons,picture" in the Column.Def(exCellDrawPartsOrder) property aligns the parts relative to the "caption". For instance, "check,caption,icon,icons,picture" indicates that the "check" is shown to the left of caption, while the "icon,icons,picture" are displayed to the right of the "caption". The "caption" occupies the cell's content by excluding the cell's check, images and pictures
*Fixed: Columns.Clear method does not release the column until the control is destroyed ( memory leak if clear and adding columns several times, /NET and /WPF versions only )
*Added: The CustomStyle property returns or sets a string expression that indicates the control's custom style as a file name to a ETB file, or encoded BASE64 string of the ETB file. For instance, the CustomStyle = "C:\Program Files\Exontrol\ExTab\Sample\ETB\xp.etb" changes the tab's appearance to xp.etb style.
*Added: exChrome new style
*Fixed: The Focus/Normal page get shown in the same place in the internal WYSIWYG ETB editor.
*Added: The cell's caption uses the full cell's content, so <c> and <r> centers or right-aligns the cell's caption relative to the cell's available content ( by excluding the cell's check, images and pictures ), if the cell's caption format is exHTML (CellCaptionFormat,Column.Def(exCellCaptionFormat))
*Fixed: "Visual C++ Runtime Error!" occurs if using the <fgcolor> or <bgcolor> with no indicating the color. Correct is <fgcolor RRGGBB>, instead <fgcolor>
*Fixed: Sometimes, the insensitive-case filter does not apply correctly to items that contain accented letters ( French Accents Characters ) like: יטאשךך, ... ( /COM Ansi version only )
*Fixed: The space after text is not highlighted if incremental search is on, and cell displays built-in HTML decorative text ( sha, out, gra )
*Fixed: The bold/italic parts of the HTML captions may be slightly vertically-misaligned, if the control's default font is large ( 16.5 or greater )
*NEW: Ability to highlight the position from the cursor while performing OLE Drag and Drop ( the dropping source is not a known object )
*Added: Background(exListOLEDropPosition) property specifies the visual appearance of the dropping position inside the control, when the control is implied in a OLE Drag and Drop operation.
*Added: The HTML tags are case insensitive, so the < b > is equivalent with < B >
*Fixed: The control is still in updating mode, if the EndUpdate method is called several times.
*Fixed: A GPF occurs if the application is started from design mode ( demo / evaluation / trial version only )
*Fixed: The Column.AutoWidth property ignores the Column.Def(exCellPaddingLeft) and Column.Def(exCellPaddingRight). The same if the user double-clicks the space between two columns in the header section.
*Added: Support for ActiveX over the /NET Framework ( ActiveX control written in C#, VB/NET, Regasm - Assembly Registration Tool, CSActiveX) 
*Added: The Version property for /NET or /WPF version returns more information about the component/assembly/file.
*Fixed: Can't use the property's slider ( EditSlider type ), if user clicks it, while the control's AutoDrag property is not exAutoDragNone )
*Added: Background(exMenuHotBorderColor) property specifies the color to show the frame around the item from the cursor.
*Added: Background(exMenuSelHotBorderColor) property specifies the color to show the frame around the selected item from the cursor.
*Fixed: The buttons are not size correctly, with the Windows set to Classic theme.


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