EXMLGrid (xml tree grid editor)
Download Exontrol's new eXMLGrid control provides an innovative grid view look and handles data in XML fashion way. It provides swift and robust performance and a wide range of formatting features never seen on other grids. The eXMLGrid component can be seen as a generalized tree control that allows resizing the node's indentation at runtime. The eXMLGrid component lets the user changes its visual appearance using skins, each one providing an additional visual experience that enhances viewing pleasure. Skins are relatively easy to build and put on any part of the control.

First Look of eXMLGrid:
Features of eXMLGrid include:
  • Skinnable Interface support ( ability to apply a skin to any background part )
  • Easy way to define the control's visual appearance in design mode, using XP-Theme elements or EBN objects
  • Print and Print Preview support
  • WYSWYG Template/Layout Editor support.
  • Built-in LoadXML and SaveXML methods
  • OLE Drag and Drop Support
  • Any node supports Built-in HTML format
  • Unlimited options to show any HTML text, images, colors, EBNs, patterns, frames anywhere on the node's background
  • Incremental Search support
  • Editors support: mask, drop down list, check box list, memo fields, spin, OLE Object viewer, color, buttons, sliders, progress bars and more
  • Filter-Prompt support, allows you to filter the nodes as you type while the filter bar is visible on the bottom part of the control area
  • ActiveX editors support
  • ExpandBar support.
  • Single or Multiple selection support
  • Semi-Transparent Selection support
  • Muliple Lines HTML Tooltip support
  • Picture support
  • Mouse wheel support
  • and more
General information about eXMLGrid product:
Identifier: Exontrol.XMLGrid
Files: exmlgrid.dll, exmlgrid.ocx
Available As: COM/ActiveX, /NET Assembly, /WPF Component, ANSI or UNICODE, 32 or 64-bit edition, (as separate products)
Compatible with: VB, VB.NET, VBA, C++, X++, C#, VFP, Access, HTML, Delphi, Smalltalk, eDeveloper, xBasic, Dynamics AX, Dynamics NAV, Visual Objects, PowerBuilder, LabVIEW, Power++, FORTH
Lines of source code: 115,547 (98,679 excluding comments and empty lines)
Includes: Objects 10, Functions 298, Events 31, Definitions 22
See Also: eXGrid, eXPivot, eXTree, eXG2antt, EBN
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The eXSuite package contains more than 50 components, with over 300 objects, 10,000 functions, and more than 5,000,000 lines of source code... Available as: /COM /NET /WPF, Ansi, UNICODE 32 or 64-bits.
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