The following movie shows the how you can check our JavaScript component:

The video shows how you can check any of our JavaScript components. JavaScript is the programming language of HTML and the Web. Recently, we have started to publish our first suite of JavaScript components. In the near future, new JavaScript components (such as pivot, gantt ) will arrive. We try as much as possible to make them compatible with the other components we already support for the past 20 years. We will keep continue to improve, maintain and support all of our components!

The following moves shows the newly Cross-Link feature:

The following movie shows how intersection of links on the surface, can display crosses, so a link from an element to another can be clear seen. The ShowExtendedLinksEnum.exShowCrossLinksRect flag in ShowLinks property, expands the junction / intersection of two or more links, with a rectangle that cross the linkst, the ShowExtendedLinksEnum.exShowCrossLinksTriangle flag in ShowLinks property, expands the junction / intersection of two or more links, with a triangle that cross the links, the ShowExtendedLinksEnum.exShowCrossLinksRect and ShowExtendedLinksEnum.exShowCrossLinksTriangle flags in ShowLinks property, expands the junction / intersection of two or more links, with a rectangle for horizontal links, and a triangle for vertical links ( mixed ).

The following moves shows the newly feature Columns floating-bar to show/hide columns:

The ColumnsFloatBarVisible property of ColumnsFloatBarVisibleEnum type, retrieves or sets a value that indicates whether the the columns float bar is visible or hidden. The ColumnsFloatBarVisibleEnum.exColumnsFloatBarVisibleIncludeCheckColumns associates a check-box for each column. The Columns floating bar displays all columns with AllowDragging property on True, and the check's box state indicates whether the column is visible or hidden. You can show or hide a column by clicking the associated check box or by pressing the SPACE key. As previously, the user can drag or drop any column in the Columns floating bar and the associated check-box is updated based on the column's Visible property. The feature will be available for the eXTree, eXGrid, eXGantt and eXG2antt, /COM, /NET and /WPF.

The following movie shows the newly AttachTemplate feature:

The AttachTemplate features allows you to attach a x-script to the component. The AttachTemplate executes x-script code ( including events ), from a string, file or a safe array of bytes. This feature allows you to load the control's visual appearance and behavior, without having to write any line of code. The x-script code can save EBNs, icons, pictures into BASE64 encoded strings, and so everything can be put into a single file, that should be invoked by AttachTemplate method. This feature allows you to run any x-script code for any configuration of the component (/COM, /NET or /WPF).

The following movie shows 10 tips and tricks that you may not known about exontrols:

Right click the scroll bar, jumps directly to the position. For instance, right-click on down vertical button jumps to the end of the list. Shift + left click on the column's header performs multiple columns sorting. Ctrl + double left click on the divider between columns ( as you would resize the column ) resizes all columns to fit its content, Keep the Ctrl key down while tooltip is shown, to stay visible for a longer time. Pressing the [CTRL + ] * of the numeric pad expands recursively all items / the item. F3 key finds the next occurrence of the current incremental search. Ctrl + rotate the wheel, scrolls horizontally the list, and so on. We hope you to enjoy it.

The following movie shows newly Gantt's Export to HTML feature:

We would like to present the gantt's Export to HTML feature that allows you to generate HTML documents from the control's content. The HTML document includes the CSS layout. The HTML document includes almost all tabular data, including internal built-in HTML format, visual appearance for rows, columns, cells or tasks/bars. For instance, you can generate the HTML text using a code like Export("htm"), that will returns the HTML text you can paste or send to a Web Browser. In the same way, you can directly create the HTM file, by calling a code like Export("c:\temp\export.htm"). The Export method can also export the control's data in CSV format as well. Here's how the HTML format is generated.
*Added: The IncludeSubFolderIconKey property, retrieves or sets a value that indicates the key of the icon to highlights folders that includes sub-folders.
*Added: Restores the selection, expanded / selected folders once the Search property is set on empty.
*Added: The "In Folder" column is automatically shown as soon as the Search property is changed, and hidden as soon as the Search mode is off ( Search property is Empty )
*Added: Replaces the wait cursor while the control is searching for modified folders ( FileType.From or/and FileType.To properties )

*Added: `MIN` and `MAX` binary-operators to get the MIN and MAX value. For instance, the expression `value MIN 10 MAX 100` returns always a value between 10 and 100.
*Added: `sin`, `asin`, `cos`, `acos` unary-operators to get the associated trigonometric functions. For instance `2 * asin(1)` returns the value of PI
*Added: `sqrt` unary-operator returns the square root of the element, so sqrt(81) returns 9, as 9^2 is 81
*Added: date(`now`) unary-operator returns the current date-time ( as double ), while the date(``) returns the current date ( no time included )

*Added: Allows newly added items to be visible, while control has a filter applied ( Call the ApplyFilter method, during Change, KeyDown, ... event in order to re-apply the filter on the new items ).
*Added: The FilterPromptEnum.exFilterPromptStartWith or exFilterPromptEndWith is not applied for all columns ( FilterBarPromptColumns property is -1 )
*Fixed: The space after text is not highlighted if incremental search is on, and cell displays built-in HTML decorative text ( sha, out, gra )
*Fixed: Resets the column's filter if the user empties the Filter For field a drop down numeric filter ( Column.FilterType property is exNumeric )
*Fixed: The pictures of a disabled item are not visible or shown at a different position, while the cursor hovers the item. 

*Fixed: The VFP's text-box does not lose the focus once the selected-text is droped into the current control (OLEDropMode property is set)
*Fixed: Can't close the VFP form, once you drop text into a control with OLEDropMode property on 1 (exOLEDropManual)


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