Our belief is that we must provide full support for our customers in order to use our products. Using the FAQ page you can find out answers to frequently questions.

To keep your bussines applications running, you need support you can count on.

Here are few hints what to do when you're stuck on your programming:

  • Check out the eXHelper - it provides source code and answers for common questions.
  • Check out the samples - they are here to provide some quick info on how things should be done
  • Check out the help - ignore that TFM suggestions, just take it and read it. You will find almost all the info you need there
  • Check out if you have the latest version, and if you don't have it send an update request here. The registered version has enabled the 'Upgrade' button, that helps you to request the latest version.
  • Submit your problem(question) here.

Don't forget that you can contact our development team if you have ideas or requests for new components. We're sure our team of developers will try to find a way to make you happy - and us too, since we helped.

With regards,
Exontrol Development Team,

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