extreecube - what's new Sep 18, 2017
*Added: The items in the drop down filter panel, gets sorts as string, numeric, date/time, based on the Column.SortType property.
*Added: The Version property includes the SpecialBuild number of the assembly so it provides information like Major.Minor.Build.Revison.SpecialBuild.Type...
*Fixed: Prevents "Do you want to save ..." / "Save changes...' input box, when the user opens the form in design mode, and close it. Feb 08, 2017
*Added: The cell's caption uses the full cell's content, so <c> and <r> centers or right-aligns the cell's caption relative to the cell's available content ( by excluding the cell's check, images and pictures ), if the cell's caption format is exHTML ( Column.Def(exCellCaptionFormat) property )
*Fixed: Sometimes titles with exTitleFaceWordWrap, exTitleFaceLeft, exTitleFaceWidth properties set displays ... 
*Fixed: Prevents a memory leak when loading icons, pictures, from BASE64 encoded strings (Images method, HTMLPicture picture).
*Fixed: A GPF occurs if the application is started from design mode ( demo / evaluation / trial version only ) Dec 28, 2016
*Added: `MIN` and `MAX` binary-operators to get the MIN and MAX value. For instance, the expression `value MIN 10 MAX 100` returns always a value between 10 and 100.
*Added: `sin`, `asin`, `cos`, `acos` unary-operators to get the associated trigonometric functions. For instance `2 * asin(1)` returns the value of PI
*Added: `sqrt` unary-operator returns the square root of the element, so sqrt(81) returns 9, as 9^2 is 81
*Added: date(`now`) unary-operator returns the current date-time ( as double ), while the date(``) returns the current date ( no time included ) Mar 14, 2016
* Initial Release

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