extreecube - what's new Nov 22, 2017
*NEW:   Display a placeholder for missing icons, images in HTML captions.
*Added: The Key parameter of the HTMLPicture property is case insensitive, so you can display the picture using the insensitive key. For instance, <img>picA</img> is equivalent with <img>pica</img>, or <img>PICA</img> and so on.
*Added: The HTML caption shows a missing image placeholder for images whose source is missing. The missing placeholder displays the index of the icon being missing, or the key of the HTML picture being missing. Sep 18, 2017
*Added: The items in the drop down filter panel, gets sorts as string, numeric, date/time, based on the Column.SortType property.
*Added: The Version property includes the SpecialBuild number of the assembly so it provides information like Major.Minor.Build.Revison.SpecialBuild.Type...
*Fixed: Prevents "Do you want to save ..." / "Save changes...' input box, when the user opens the form in design mode, and close it. Feb 08, 2017
*Added: The cell's caption uses the full cell's content, so <c> and <r> centers or right-aligns the cell's caption relative to the cell's available content ( by excluding the cell's check, images and pictures ), if the cell's caption format is exHTML ( Column.Def(exCellCaptionFormat) property )
*Fixed: Sometimes titles with exTitleFaceWordWrap, exTitleFaceLeft, exTitleFaceWidth properties set displays ... 
*Fixed: Prevents a memory leak when loading icons, pictures, from BASE64 encoded strings (Images method, HTMLPicture picture).
*Fixed: A GPF occurs if the application is started from design mode ( demo / evaluation / trial version only ) Dec 28, 2016
*Added: `MIN` and `MAX` binary-operators to get the MIN and MAX value. For instance, the expression `value MIN 10 MAX 100` returns always a value between 10 and 100.
*Added: `sin`, `asin`, `cos`, `acos` unary-operators to get the associated trigonometric functions. For instance `2 * asin(1)` returns the value of PI
*Added: `sqrt` unary-operator returns the square root of the element, so sqrt(81) returns 9, as 9^2 is 81
*Added: date(`now`) unary-operator returns the current date-time ( as double ), while the date(``) returns the current date ( no time included ) Mar 14, 2016
* Initial Release

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