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You can do the following:
  • On the right side of each product's home page, you can locate the icon, that will show you all the prices.

    In case you wish to order the eXSuite package, but you can't make the full payment at once, please contact us, and we will provide you separate links to make the multiple payments. Once all payments are completed, you will receive all the information to download and get the full package, including all your development license keys.

  • Download and install the product.

    Open the CHM file which is the product's help file and locate the Pricing section. For instance, if you have installed the exg2antt component, open your start\run field and type exg2antt.chm. The Exontrol ExG2antt Help window is opened, where you will see the Pricing section. The help files shows prices in USD at conversion rate 1.2 ( which is the initial EUR/USD conversion rate ). You need to consult the website for prices in USD, at the day you want to place your order.

  • Check the special offers page.
The prices on the website are shown in EUR and USD, while the USD or any other currency may vary on the daily exchange rate. The EUR/USD conversion rate is handled and controlled by ShareIt/Digital-River which is our official reseller.
Yes. Please contact us, and we will make you an offer. Usually it is the difference to the full price.
Yes, you can install all components at once. Shortly, extracts all files, and run the _silent_install_all_.bat, as administrator.
  • Download the configuration you require here, or from the link you have received from the update page.  
  • Extract all files from the zip file ( for instance, right click the file and select the Extract All... )
  • Right click the _silent_install_all_.bat, and select Run as administrator

  • Type Y, and ENTER key, for "Do you want to install all components at once (y/n)?"

  • The components will start installing one by one.

  • At the end, the Windows Explorer opens the "Program Files\Exontrol" folder ( in case you were installed the x32 version on a x64 machine, you should open the "Program Files (x86)\Exontrol" folder )

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