General features in pictures

    If you are undecided what vendor you should choose, here's a list of features with presentation movies associated that we hope it can help you to get the right decision. The following list shows alphabetically some of the general features that our components provide, and so your application can provide to your customers ( click the thumbnail to see how it works ):

Columns Float Bar support - Shows a floating bar that lists hidden and drag-able columns. Using this you can let the user to customize the visible columns in the control's view, by drag and drop. The Columns Float Bar supports incremental search, so you can easily find a column giving its name by typing the characters.
Computed Fields support - lets you display any cell or column based on the values of other cells or columns using numeric, string or date expressions
Conditional Format support - allows automatically highlight cells, items or columns that match your criteria using your customize expression
Custom Row Designer (exCRD) support - have your rows display however you want with the control row layout capabilities
DataSource/DataMember support - allows binding the control's content to a DataSource/DataMember for /COM and .NET
Divider, Locked items support - let you display locked on top or bottom side of the control items ( in other words, items to be visible all the time, no matter if the user scrolls the control's content )
Drag and Drop support - allows you to change the columns or items position at runtime, copy the control's content to your favorite Office applications, like Word, Excel, or any other OLE-Automation compliant, or smoothly vertical scrolling for touch screens. The OLE Drag and Drop is allowed manually or automatically as listed bellow:
  . Change the column or row position without having to manually add the OLE drag and drop events.
  . Copy the data as text, to your favorite Office applications, like Word, Excel, or any other OLE-Automation compliant
  . Copy the data as it looks, to your favorite Office applications, like Word, Excel, or any other OLE-Automation compliant
  Smoothly scroll the control's content by dragging the mouse cursor up or down.
EBN String Format support - Unlimited options to show any HTML text, images, colors, EBNs, patterns, frames anywhere on the object's background.
Extended Links support - Ability to show the links distinctly, when two or more links start or end on the same point/bar.
Expandable Header support - allows you to expand or collapse the columns header so you can show or one or multiple columns, with different information.
Export to PDF support - allows you to directly saves the control's content ( including no scroll bars ), to a PDF document, with single or multiple pages. No dependencies to third party libraries such as: eXPrint, libHaru, jagPDF, PoDoFo and so on.
Filter support - ability to filter or display only items/rows that match a specified criteria. The criteria can use AND, OR and NOT operators between columns, and each filter can use wildcard expressions, range of dates, numeric operators < (less), > (greater), = (equal), <> (not-equal)...., checked or unchecked states, images, ....
 By Code - allows you to personalize the way your UI filtering is shown, by calling in your code the Filtering functions
 FilterBar shows a drop down panel that lets the user to choose the filtering elements
 Filter Prompt allows you to filter the items as you type
 Filter Match Only allows you to display the items that mach your filtering criteria with no parent or child items.
Formatting support - allows you to display the element's content in a different format for instance as a currency, as a date, or in your custom format using predefined functions
Layout support -  The Layout feature allows you to save and restore the view setting. For instance, you can save the view's setting when user closes the application, and restore all of them once the application is started. The view's setting includes the columns position, size, visibility, sorting, filtering, selection, expanded or collapsed items, and so on.
Group By support - the user can drag and drop one or more columns to the sort bar or group-by bar so the columns get sorted and grouped accordingly:
  Keep Indent - You can keep the indentation of the sub-items/children, once the user groups the rows
 Header/Footer - Headers and footers support, to display aggregate functions like sum, min, max, and so on
 CRD support - Can be combined with the exCRD, so you can have the rows being arranged the way you want.
HTML support - allows you to display the text using built-in tags such as <b>,<s>, and so for highlighting parts of the captions
Decorative HTML support - Enrich your app, using the newer HTML format which supports shadows, outlined characters, gradient text, and so on.
Incremental Search support - shows the found matches inside the cells or items as the user types text. The match can be start with or contains the typed characters
Multiple-Lines items support - allows displaying an item using multiple lines, so the full caption is visible. Also, the control's tooltip supports multiple-lines HTML. This feature allows you to display items with different heights
Microsoft Active Accessibility (MSAA) is designed to help Assistive Technology (AT) products interact with standard and custom user interface (UI) elements of an application (or the operating system), as well as to access, identify, and manipulate an application's UI elements. AT products work with MSAA enabled applications in order to provide better access for individuals who have physical or cognitive difficulties, impairments, or disabilities.
Padding support - defines the space between the element border and the element content. The padding clears an area around the content (inside the border) of an element, and does not affect the element's background color
Print and Print Preview support - allows using the Exontrol's eXPrint component to send the control's content to a printer, so you can show your results on a paper
Print Fit-To-Page and Scaling support - allows 'Adjust To ...% normal size' and 'Fit To ... page(s) wide by ... tall' features.
PNG, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, EMF formats support - ability to save the control's content to PNG, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, EMF graphical formats. The control's scroll bars are not included.
Scroll Line by Line support (a)- allows smooth scrolling the control's content while it displays items with different heights. If your view displays items with different sizes, the smooth scrolling of the control's content is performed when the user clicks the vertical up or down scrolling buttons.
Scroll Line by Line support (b)- allows smooth scrolling the control's content by dragging the cursor up or down. The smooth scrolling is performed as soon as you click an item and drag the cursor up or down. The smooth scroll by dragging can be combined with up or down buttons on the vertical scroll bar
Summarize support - A pivot-table can automatically sort, count, total or give the average of the data stored in one table or spreadsheet. The user sets up and changes the summary's structure by dragging and dropping fields
Scroll Extension support - allows you to shrink the space used by control's scroll bars, and still using the scrollbars by using the extension which shows up outside of the control's client area. You can customize the visual appearance for any part of the scroll bar including the, thumb extension
Skinable support - allows you to change the visual appearance or look for UI parts of the component using skins, each one providing an additional visual experience that enhances viewing pleasure. Skins are relatively easy to build and put on any part of the control. You can change the visual appearance for an UI part of the control or for part or all portions of the component
 Rendering allows you to change the brightness of the control's visual appearance or the way the EBN objects are being applied
 Visual Designer allows you to change easily by drag and drop the control's visual appearance using XP-Theme or the EBN files
Sorting support - means single or multiple columns sorting. You can click and drag a column to the sort-bar, and so the column gets sorted. You can change the position of the columns in the sort bar so the entire sort criteria is changed
 Selectable/Sortable support indicates that you may specify the items that can be selected and items that can not be selected
Transparent-Background support - allows using transparent background, which prevents showing the control's BackColor property, so the form is responsible for providing the label's background appearance.
Total Fields support - allows using aggregate functions such as sum, min, max, count, avg. The Total fields can get the result from the entire list, direct or all descendants. Using the Total fields on divider, locked un-sortable and un-selectable items, can show particular information all the time
WYSWYG Template support - allows you to execute code by passing x-script strings to Template or ExecuteTemplate property, that's easy to use in any programming language which is more or less friendly with hosting third party components. For instance, a code like .Template = "CreateObject(`Exontrol.Print`);{;PrintExt = Me;Preview();}" invokes the control's Print and Print Preview
 eXHelper tool is the best example on how you can use the x-script language in our components.
 Browsing UI parts of our controls ( using the eXPropertiesList control ) - allows you to view and change the properties of UI part of the component by dragging the spying cursor to the part of the control you want to browse.

We hope you enjoyed the presentations, so if you have questions, comments that you want to share with us, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Note In most of the pictures, the component in the right panel, is the Exontrol's PropertiesList browser, which allows viewing and changing a property of the browsed component at runtime. This tool is similar with any Properties browser in modern development environment, so actually, any change in that tool, can be converted to a line in your programming code.