Want to build your own package? Click here for details. We would like to remind you that controls like eXTree, eXGrid, eXComboBox, eXGantt, eXMLGrid and so on are skinnable too. The SkinPack package includes the products that includes a skin builder inside. The Exontrol's ExSkinPack includes the following products:

eXButton ( Skin button control, version )
The Exontrol's exButton control is designed to enhance your Windows-based programs by offering the look-and-feel of past and present GUI design elements. The control provides predefined button skins for Windows XP, Windows 95/98, and Mac 8.x buttons. Create your own skins for your buttons in minutes, using a WYSYWG skin builder. The ability to specify everything that control needs like graphical objects, transparent skins, HTML captions as simple text makes the exButton one of the most wanted button control on the market. The exButton control easily replaces the Standard Windows button by supporting most of the same properties, methods and events. In addition, you have complete control over how the button is to be displayed.
eXCalc ( Calculator control, version )
Exontrol's ExCalc component provides calculator features to your application. The component provides implementation for basic arithmetic operations like addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. In addition, you can configure the layout of the calculator the way you want, including new mathematical operations. The component provides flat and drop down version, so you can have the calculator into a drop down field too.
eXDialog ( Agent/Animation Control, version )
The ExDialog control, similar with the Microsoft Office Assistant, is a new type of control that allows attaching pictures to your form or dialog. The control lets you add interactive personalities to your application or Web site.
eXSkin ( Skin control, version )
ExSkin is an ActiveX control that enables you to change the visual appearance of your project's forms, providing you with the skin support. Now you can do: any kind of window captions, frames, client and non-client areas and more. Also, the control contains a Builder component that helps you to create new "skins". The ExSkin ActiveX control it's easy to use, and simple to integrate into your project. So, it is possible now to make your program look like any program from MacOS, BeOS, Unix, and create your Winamp-like user interface.
eXSkinBox ( Skin MessageBox control, version )
Exontrol's new ExSkinBox offers you skinable message and input boxes that can display HTML format and custom images as well.
eXTab ( Skin based TAB control, version )
The Exontrol ExTab component is a SKIN based TAB control. A tab control is analogous to the dividers in a notebook or the labels in a file cabinet.
Compatible with: VB, VB.NET, VBA, C++, C#, VFP, Access, HTML
Source Code: C++, ATL, STL
Lines of code: 119,445 (100,869 excluding comments and empty lines)
Price starts from: 449 ($571) / 1 Developer License 1144 ($1456) / Team License 799 ($1017) / 1 Developer w/ Source

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