EXCustomPack (build your package)
Build your own package. We offer you the possibility to order any 5 of our /WPF components for €649($836). As you would buy the products individually, you are still entitled to get the latest version ( minor or major version ) free of charge, for any component in your package, for 1 Year from the purchase date. You can go for /COM package here, or for /NET package here

Click the check-box, if you require the selected products on /WPF/ANY configuration, +€200($258). The /WPF/ANY configuration indicates the 32 and 64-bit editions of the /WPF assembly version (2 installers).

Please click the components you want to order, and click the Continue button, to continue the ordering process.

The list of available products you can choose from is:

eXCalcEdit/WPF ( Calculator Edit control ) eXCalendar/WPF ( Featured Calendar control )
eXComboBox/WPF ( Rich ComboBox control ) eXContextMenu/WPF ( Context Menu control )
eXEdit/WPF ( Syntax/HTML Edit Control ) eXFileView/WPF ( Explorer-like control )
eXG2antt/WPF ( Editable Gantt Chart Control ) eXGantt/WPF ( Read-Only Gantt chart control )
eXGauge/WPF ( Gauge Control ) eXGrid/WPF ( Featured Grid Control )
eXHTML/WPF ( WYSIWYG HTML editor control ) eXList/WPF ( Advanced List control )
eXListBar/WPF ( Oultlook ListBar Control ) eXMLGrid/WPF ( XML Tree Grid control )
eXOrgChart/WPF ( Organigram Tree control ) eXPlorerBar/WPF ( ExplorerBar Control )
eXPlorerTree/WPF ( Navigator Tree control ) eXPivot/WPF ( Pivot-Table Control )
eXPression/WPF ( Arithmetic/Format Expression Control ) eXPropertiesList/WPF ( Powerfull PropertiesList control )
eXRadialMenu/WPF ( RadialMenu Control ) eXRibbon/WPF ( "Fluent User Interface" Ribbon Control )
eXSchedule/WPF ( Scheduler Control ) eXSurface/WPF ( Surface Drawing Control )
eXThumbnail/WPF ( Thumbnail control ) eXToolBar/WPF ( ToolBar Control )
eXTree/WPF ( Enhanced Tree control ) eXTreeCube/WPF ( TreeCube/CalendarCube Control )

Before continue, please take in consideration these:

  • If you select exactly 5 components, the price for your custom package is €649($836).
  • If you select less than 5 components, the price for your custom package will not exceed €649($836).
  • If you prefer more than 5 components, please check the eXSuite/WPF package that starts from €1199($1545) and include all /WPF components.

These prices are for a single developer, /WPF, and contains no source code. In case you require this package for more developers, you can change the Quantity field after you press the Continue button.

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