exsuite - what's new Jan 04, 2018
ExContextMenu: *NEW:   Ability to display and edit data using a progress control
ExContextMenu: *Added: The Item.AllowEdit property on exItemEditProgress assigns a progress editor to the current item. The Item.EditValue property gets or sets the value of the progress.
ExContextMenu: *Added: The exItemEditReadOnly flag on Item.AllowEdit property specifies a disabled/read-only editor assigned to the current item. For instance, exItemEditReadOnly + exItemEditProgress creates a read-only progress ( the user can't change the progress value at runtime )
ExEdit: *NEW:   Inline-ToolTip Support. The Inline-ToolTip support allows you to display the tooltip/documentation of the keyword, while editing, so it is displayed while the caret is in the current line, and it disappear once the user selects a new line,
ExEdit: *Added: AllowInlineToolTip property, indicates that the current line shows inline tooltip for keywords found to the caret.
ExEdit: *Added: ExcludeInlineToolTip property, specifies a list of keywords, separated by , ( comma character), that specifies the keywords to be excluded from the inline tooltip support.
ExEdit: *Added: TempInlineToolTip property, Specifies a temporarily inline tooltip to be shown on the current line. By default, the inline tooltip can be shown only if the AllowInlineToolTip property is not-zero and the control is focused, enabled, allow changes, the caret is visible, and there is no selection on multiple lines. The temporarily inline tooltip is shown as soon as the TempInlineToolTip property is not empty, no matter of AllowInlineToolTip property or if the control is focused, enabled, and so on. The temporarily inline tooltip is removed as soon as the caret of the control is moved.
ExFileView: *Added: Scrolls the child items as much as they fit the control's client area when the Expand method is performed.
ExFileView: *Fixed: The vertical scroll position is lost, once the user expands a folder using the +/- buttons.
ExFileView: *Fixed: Can't use Enter key while renaming a file/folder, on ExHelper.
ExG2antt: *Added: Prevents resizing the inner-controls, when the user vertically scrolls the control, by clipping the inner-controls to the control's list part, instead shrinking to the top header (Items.InsertControlItem method, _USETOPWINDOW )
ExG2antt: *Fixed: The Items.SchedulePDM method may return 0, but still no arrangement is performed on the bars (the chart includes links with negative lags, Items.Link(exLinkPDMWorkingDelay property, Items.Link(exLinkPDMWorkingDelay) property, Items.SchedulePDM method ))
ExG2antt: *Fixed: The Items.SchedulePDM method may return 0 or 2 ( valid layout ), if a bar is linked/connected to one of it's summary bar.)
ExG2antt: *Fixed: The Items.SchedulePDM method may return 0, for different connections, even the layout/arrangement is not possible.)
ExG2antt: *Fixed: The Items.SchedulePDM method returns -4 or -8, and can't display the critical path for not-connected children of the summary bars, if the Items.SchedulePDM method is called on the summary bar itself.)
ExG2antt: *NEW:   Radical improvements for Items.SchedulePDM method
ExG2antt: *Added: Performs optimizations of bars that starts the scheduling, using the Items.SchedulePDM method for best fit, rather than having the same ending margin)
ExG2antt: *Added: In project management, a critical path is the sequence of project network activities which add up to the longest overall duration, regardless if that longest duration has float or not. Previously, the control gets the critical path as a linked path, while currently, the critical path may include also other nodes/activities that can make the project longer.)
ExG2antt: *Added: Defines the critical path, when the chart links child / summary bars (Items.DefSchedulePDM(exPDMCriticalPathBarColor) property, Items.SchedulePDM method, Items.DefineSummaryBars method) )
ExG2antt: *Added: The Items.DefSchedulePDM(exPDMCriticalPathLinkColor) property specifies the color for links that are part of the current critical path, including links between child / summary-bars, even if the summary-bar is not actually part of the path )
ExG2antt: *Added: The Items.ItemBar(exBarCriticalPath) property returns the position of the bar within the critical path if positive, else 0 (long expression). Previously, the Items.ItemBar(exBarCriticalPath) property returns a boolean expression, that specifies whether the bar is part of the critical path. )
ExG2antt: *Fixed: The application hangs if moving a summary bar with child bars that use Items.ItemNonworkingUnits and Items.ItemBar(exBarKeepWorkingCount) property, while chart's unit-scale is exYear.
ExGrid: *NEW:   Windows 8.1 64-bit compatibility
ExGrid: *Added: The /COM 64-bit version is compatible with Microsoft Office Applications: Excel 2013, Access 2013,...
ExGrid: *Added: The /NET(/WPF) 64-bit version is compatible with Microsoft NET Framework 4, 4.5, 4.5.1, ...
ExGrid: *Added: The Items.ItemMinHeight/ItemMaxHeight properties specify the item's height if the item contains cells with Items.CellSingleLine property on False ( By default, the ItemHeight property has no effect if the Items.CellSingleLine property on False )
ExGrid: *Fixed: "Visual C++ Runtime Error!" occurs if using the <fgcolor> or <bgcolor> with no indicating the color. Correct is <fgcolor RRGGBB>, instead <fgcolor>
ExHTML: *Added: The Version property includes the SpecialBuild number of the assembly so it provides information like Major.Minor.Build.Revison.SpecialBuild.Type...
ExHTML: *Fixed: The ALT-GR + A, selects all text and insert the associated diacritic letter from the current installed language.
ExHTML: *Fixed: Prevents "Do you want to save ..." / "Save changes...' input box, when the user opens the form in design mode, and close it.
ExRadialMenu: *NEW:   Display a placeholder for missing icons, images in HTML captions.
ExRadialMenu: *Added: The Key parameter of the HTMLPicture property is case insensitive, so you can display the picture using the insensitive key. For instance, <img>picA</img> is equivalent with <img>pica</img>, or <img>PICA</img> and so on.
ExRadialMenu: *Added: The HTML caption shows a missing image placeholder for images whose source is missing. The missing placeholder displays the index of the icon being missing, or the key of the HTML picture being missing. 
ExRibbon: *Fixed: Prevents closing the current popup / sub-menu once the user presses the Alt modifier-key.
ExRibbon: *Fixed: The CTRL + Escape closes all popups / sub-menus.
ExRibbon: *Fixed: The control fails if adding a popup item with no sub-items
ExRibbon: *Fixed: Un-highlights all visible items, when cursor leaves the control.
ExSchedule: *Added: "Clear Visual Design" and "Edit Visual Design" are available for /NET version on design mode.
ExSchedule: *Fixed: Can't select a word that contains accented(acute, circumflexm umlaut and dieresis) characters, if the user double clicks it, or using the CTRL + SHIFT + Right key.
ExSchedule: *Fixed: Prevents a memory leak when loading icons, pictures, from BASE64 encoded strings (Images method, HTMLPicture picture).
ExShellView: *Added: DisableDragDrop property disables the OLE Drag and Drop within the control.
ExShellView: *Fixed: The control's InvokeItemMenu or InvokeMenuCommand may be fired more than once.
ExShellView: *Fixed: Removes the flickering cursor, while using the evaluation version of the control.
ExToolBar: *NEW:   Advanced Shortcut Keys Support, including UI visual appearance when the user presses modifier keys, such as CTRL, ALT or SHIFT, or a combination of any of them
ExToolBar: *Added: ShortcutKeyVisible property gets or sets a value that specifies whether the control's shortcut keys are visible or hidden.
ExToolBar: *Added: Item.Shortcut property specifies the keys combination to invoke it. For instance, Shortcut property on "CTRL + A", indicates that the user can automatically select the item pressing the CTRL + A combination, or "CTRL + F1 + B", indicates that the item is being invoked as soon as the user presses CTRL + F1 and then B key. This is valid while the control's ShortcutKeyVisible property is exShowShortcutKeysToggle or exShowShortcutKeysToggleDelayed
ExToolBar: *Added: ShortcutKeyAlignH property defines the alignment of the UI shortcut keys relative to the item that displays it, when the holder arranges the items horizontally.
ExToolBar: *Added: ShortcutKeyAlignV property defines the alignment of the UI shortcut keys relative to the item that displays it, when the holder arranges the items vertically.
ExTree: *NEW:   Improvements to allow OLE Drag and Drop operations (OLEDropMode property) to work with control's AutoDrag property (/COM)
ExTree: *Fixed: The user can't select a new item with a short click, only if moving the mouse, while SingleSel property is False, AutoDrag property is exAutoDragPosition... and the OLEDropMode property is OLEDropManual.
ExTree: *Fixed: Can't toggle the selection state of the item from the cursor ( CTRL + short click ), while SingleSel property is False, AutoDrag property is exAutoDragPosition...
ExTree: *Fixed: The user can't  move the selected item to a new position ( AutoDrag property is exAutoDragPosition...), if the OLEDropMode property is OLEDropManual.

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