excascadetree - what's new Nov 05, 2018
*NEW:   Ability to wraps the cell's caption on line break only
*Added: The Items.CellSingleLine property specifies whether the cell's caption is displayed on single-line, or wraps around the words or line breaks. Previously, the Items.CellSingleLine property was of Boolean type, while currently it is of CellSingleLineEnum type. For instance, Items.CellSingleLine() = exCaptionBreakWrap indicates that the cell's caption is displayed on new lines when line break is found ( <br> for HTML captions or \r\n sequence ). Also, the option is valid if you specify the Column.Def(exCellSingleLine) property.
*Fixed: The Items.SelectableItem property returns 1 instead of -1 / True value.
*Fixed: The Items.SelectItem property returns 1 instead of -1 / True value. Aug 29, 2018
*Fixed: The EnsureVisibleItem method does not vertically scroll the control's content, if previously the control's list has been sorted ( Column.SortOrder property, Layout property, ... )
*Fixed: The user can't resize the last locked-column that fit's the control's client area, if it wider (CountLockedColumns property)
*Fixed: The control scrolls more columns, if locked columns are visible and the user do horizontal page scrolling by clicking the horizontal scroll bar's background. ( CountLockedColumns property )
*Fixed: Prevents re-grouping the items when a column does not change it's position in the control's SortBar/GroupBy bar. Prevents changing the column's sorting position when the user drags the column's header in a few pixels. ( SortBarVisible property ) May 16, 2018
*Added: Shows the drop down filter and tooltip panels to the nearest monitor relative to the cursor position.
*Added: The Background(exColumnsPositionSign) specifies the visual appearance for the position sign between columns, when the user changes the position of the column by drag and drop. By default, the Background(exColumnsPositionSign) property is 0, which indicates that the default position sign is shown when the user change the column's position by drag and drop.
*Added: Expands or collapses the entire selection if the user clicks any +/- glitch, presses Left/Right/+ or- key inside the selection, while the CTRL is pressed. This option is valid, while the control's SingleSel property is False.
*Fixed: The Items.ItemHeight property sets the height using DPI conversion. Apr 25, 2018
*Added: Clicking the cascade column's split bar while SHIFT + CTRL key combination is pressed, divides the client area in equal parts/views ( refine the FitCascadeColumns property )
*Fixed: The x64 version may returns the error "The recordset must support the bookmarks. ( Supports( adBookmark ) = True )", when control's DataSource property uses a accdb file
*Fixed: Sometimes, can't select by drag items if the View.ColumnAutoResize property is False
*Fixed: The Items.ItemMinHeight and ItemMaxHeight properties are DPI compatible. Jan 22, 2018
* Initial Release

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