Visual Objects (CAVO) code is not available yet but it will be available soon.

The following movie shows the FilterBar extension:

The FilterBar extension allows you to filter items using interactively UI drop down panels. Also, it allows you to filter items as you type. You can let the user to filter for some or all columns, hidden or visible, by patterns that use wild characters, by date, image, check, and so on. The label of the FilterBar extension allows using expressions so you are free to design it the way how you want to show or behave. This feature will be available for controls like eXGrid, eXG2antt, eXGantt, eXTree, eXList, eXFileView, eXCombobBox and eXPivot.

The following movie shows the first-look of eXMiller component:

The eXMiller component is file-folder-view component that uses miller columns visualization to display system folders and files. The Miller columns (also known as Cascading Lists) are a browsing/visualization technique that can be applied to tree structures. The columns allow multiple levels of the hierarchy to be open at once, and provide a visual representation of the current location. It is closely related to techniques used earlier in the Smalltalk browser, but was independently invented by Mark S. Miller in 1980 at Yale University. Miller columns are most well known today as the "Columns view" mode of the Mac OS X Finder, as well as the "Browser" view in iTunes.

*NEW: Inline-ToolTip Support. The Inline-ToolTip support allows you to display the tooltip/documentation of the keyword, while editing, so it is displayed while the caret is in the current line, and it disappear once the user selects a new line,
*Added: AllowInlineToolTip property, indicates that the current line shows inline tooltip for keywords found to the caret.
*Added: ExcludeInlineToolTip property, specifies a list of keywords, separated by , ( comma character), that specifies the keywords to be excluded from the inline tooltip support.
*Added: TempInlineToolTip property, Specifies a temporarily inline tooltip to be shown on the current line. By default, the inline tooltip can be shown only if the AllowInlineToolTip property is not-zero and the control is focused, enabled, allow changes, the caret is visible, and there is no selection on multiple lines. The temporarily inline tooltip is shown as soon as the TempInlineToolTip property is not empty, no matter of AllowInlineToolTip property or if the control is focused, enabled, and so on. The temporarily inline tooltip is removed as soon as the caret of the control is moved.
*Added: DisableDragDrop property disables the OLE Drag and Drop within the control.
*Fixed: The control's InvokeItemMenu or InvokeMenuCommand may be fired more than once.
*Fixed: Removes the flickering cursor, while using the evaluation version of the control.
*NEW: Radical improvements for Items.SchedulePDM method
*Added: Performs optimizations of bars that starts the scheduling, using the Items.SchedulePDM method for best fit, rather than having the same ending margin)
*Added: In project management, a critical path is the sequence of project network activities which add up to the longest overall duration, regardless if that longest duration has float or not. Previously, the control gets the critical path as a linked path, while currently, the critical path may include also other nodes/activities that can make the project longer.)
*Added: Defines the critical path, when the chart links child / summary bars (Items.DefSchedulePDM(exPDMCriticalPathBarColor) property, Items.SchedulePDM method, Items.DefineSummaryBars method) )
*Added: The Items.DefSchedulePDM(exPDMCriticalPathLinkColor) property specifies the color for links that are part of the current critical path, including links between child / summary-bars, even if the summary-bar is not actually part of the path )
*Added: The Items.ItemBar(exBarCriticalPath) property returns the position of the bar within the critical path if positive, else 0 (long expression). Previously, the Items.ItemBar(exBarCriticalPath) property returns a boolean expression, that specifies whether the bar is part of the critical path. )
*Fixed: The application hangs if moving a summary bar with child bars that use Items.ItemNonworkingUnits and Items.ItemBar(exBarKeepWorkingCount) property, while chart's unit-scale is exYear.
*Added: DPI-Aware Support
*NEW: Support for EBN 1004 version ( DPI-Aware support ).
*Added: The exClientExt attribute of the EBN/BackgroundExt/BackgroundExtValue supports DPI values, if the number is followed by a D character. For instance, if the DPI scaling is 100%, the 16d is 16, while for a 150% DPI scaling, the 16d is 24. In other words, "top[4,back=RGB(0,0,255)]", draws a blue line on the top side of the object's background, of 4-pixels wide, no matter of DPI scaling, while "top[4D,back=RGB(0,0,255)]", draws the line of 4-pixels wide if DPI scaling is 100%, or 6-pixels wide if DPI scaling is 150% )
*Added: The coordinates of the CP clause of the Skin parameter of VisualAppearance.Add method can be followed by a D character, which indicates the value according to the current DPI settings. For instance, "CP:1 -2 -2 2 2", copies the EBN with the identifier 1, and displays it on a 2-pixels wider rectangle no matter of the DPI settings, while "CP:1 -2D -2D 2D 2D" displays it on a 2-pixels wider rectangle if DPI settings is 100%, and on on a 3-pixels wider rectangle if DPI settings is 150%.
*Added: The expression properties support `dpi`, `dpix` and `dpiy` constants that returns the current DPI setting on x/y scale. For instance, the "value * dpi" returns the value if the DPI setting is 100%, or value * 1.5 in case, the DPI setting is 150%


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