Node object
The Node object holds information about a node into the chart. Use the Nodes property to access the nodes collection. The Node object supports the following properties:

AddAssistantAdds an assistant node.
AddGroupAdds a node in the same group.
AlignmentSpecifies the alignment of the caption within the node.
ArrangeSiblingNodesAsSpecifies whether the first child node and its siblings nodes are arranged vertically or horizontally.
AssistantRetrieves an assistant node by its index.
BackColorRetrieves or sets a value that indicates the node's background color.
BackgroundExtIndicates additional colors, text, images that can be displayed on the node's background using the EBN string format.
BackgroundExtValueSpecifies at runtime, the value of the giving property for specified part of the background extension.
BorderColorSpecifies the border's color.
BorderWidthSpecifies the width of the border.
CaptionSpecifies the node's caption.
CaptionSingleLineSpecifies if the element's caption is displayed on single or multiple lines.
ClearAssistantsClears the assistant nodes.
ClearBackColorClears the node's background color.
ClearForeColorClears the node's foreground color.
ClearGroupClears the nodes in the same group.
CountAssistantsSpecifies the number of assistant nodes.
CountGroupSpecifies the number of nodes in the same group.
DrawRoundNodeSpecifies a value that indicates whether the node has borders with round corners.
EditableSpecifies whether the node's caption is editable.
EnabledEnables or disables the node.
ExpandedSets or returns whether a node in the hierarchy is expanded.
FirstNodeGets the first child node in the node collection.
FixedHeightRetrieves or sets a value that indicates whether the height of the node's caption is fixed.
FixedWidthRetrieves or sets a value that indicates whether the width of the node's caption is fixed.
ForeColorRetrieves or sets a value that indicates the node's foreground color.
GroupRetrieves an node in the group by its index.
HasButtonSpecifies whether the node displays the +/- buttons.
ImageSpecifies a value that indicates the index of image being used.
ImageAlignmentSpecifies the alignment of the image within the node.
IndexGets the index of the node within the control Nodes collection.
InflateGroupXIncreases the width of the group.
InflateGroupYIncreases the height of the group.
IsAssistantRetrieves a value that specifies whether the node is an assistant.
IsGroupRetrieves a value that specifies whether the node belongs to a group.
KeySpecifies the node's key.
LastNodeGets the last child node.
LeftRetrieves or sets a value that indicates whether the assistant node is on the left side.
LinkCaptionSpecifies the caption on the node's link.
LinkToRetrieves or sets a value that indicates the list of nodes that the source node links to.
LinkToCaptionSpecifies the HTML caption being shown on a LinkTo line.
LinkToColorSpecifies the color to show the LinkTo line.
LinkToPenSpecifies the style of the link for linkto line.
LinkToRoundSpecifies whether the LinkTo line is shown linear or round.
LinkToShowDirSpecifies whether the LinkTo line shows the direction.
LinkToWidthSpecifies the width to display the LinkTo line.
NextNodeGets the next sibling node.
NodeCountRetrieves the number of child nodes.
NodesGets the collection of nodes.
PaddingReturns or sets a value that indicates the padding of the node.
ParentRetrieves or sets the parent node
PenBorderNodeSpecifies the type of pen used to paint the node's borders.
PictureRetrieves or sets a graphic to be displayed in the node.
PictureAlignmentSpecifies the alignment of the picture within the node.
PictureAspectRatioSpecifies the aspect ratio of the node's picture.
PictureHeightSpecifies the height of the node's picture.
PictureWidthSpecifies the width of the node's picture.
PositionSpecifies the position of the node.
PrevNodeGets the previous sibling node.
RemoveRemoves recursively the child nodes, the assistant nodes and all the nodes in the same group, and if possible remove the node itself.
RemoveAssistantRemoves an assistant node.
RemoveGroupRemoves a node from the group.
ShadowNodeSpecifies whether the node has shadow.
ShowLinkDirShows or hides the direction between the node and its parent.
ShowLinksShows or hides the links between node and its child nodes or its parent, if is it an assistant node.
ShowRoundLinkSpecifies whether the round links are shown between parent and child nodes.
ToolTipSpecifies the description for the node's tooltip.
ToolTipTitleSpecifies the title of the node's tooltip.
UserDataAssigns an user extra data to the node.
WidthSpecifies the maximum width of the node's caption.