property Node.Caption as String
Specifies the node's caption.

   String A string expression that indicates the caption of the node.  

Use the Caption property to specify the node's caption. Use the Image property to assign an icon to a node. Use the Picture property to assign a custom size picture to a node. Use the Root property to get the root node. Use the Add method to add a new child node. Use the BeginUpdate and EndUpdate methods to maintain performance while adding new nodes to the control. Use the <img> HTML tag to insert icons inside the node's caption. Use the LinkCaption property to specify a caption on the line that links the parent with the current node. Use the EditNode to programmatically edit the giving node.

The Caption property supports built-in HTML format. The supported tags are:

Newer HTML format supports subscript and superscript like follows:

Newer HTML format supports decorative text like follows:

You can define the node's caption when calling the Add method.

With ChartView1.Root
        .Caption = "<r><dotline><b><fgcolor=0000FF>Andrew Fuller</fgcolor></b><br><solidline><b>Title</b>:<r><fgcolor=FF0000>Vice President Sales</fgcolor><br>USA, Tacoma, WA, 98401, 908 W. Capital Way<br><dotline><upline><b>Phone:</b><r>(206) 555-9482"
End With

The above sample looks like following:

The following C++ sample changes the caption for the root node:

CNode root = m_chartview.GetRoot();
root.SetCaption( "new caption" );

The following VB.NET sample changes the caption for the root node:

With AxChartView1.Root
    .Caption = "new caption"
End With

The following C# sample changes the caption for the root node:

EXORGCHARTLib.Node root = axChartView1.Root;
root.Caption = "new caption";

The following VFP sample changes the caption for the root node:

with thisform.ChartView1.Root
	.Caption = "new caption"


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