method Node.AddGroup (Caption as String, [Image as Variant], [Picture as Variant])
Adds a node in the same group.

   Caption as String A String expression that indicates the caption of the node being added. The Caption supports built-in HTML tags.    
   Image as Variant long expression that indicates the index of the icon being assigned to the node.  
   Picture as Variant A string expression that indicates the path to the picture file being loaded by the node, a IPictureDisp object that specifies the picture of the node  
  NodeA Node object being created. 
Use the AddGroup method to add new nodes in the same group in other words it allows you to add multiple parents. For instance, you can add new root objects by using the Root.AddGroup method.  The Root2 and Root3 nodes in the following screen shot were added using the Root.AddGroup. Use the CountGroup property to count the number of nodes in the same group that belongs to a node. Use the InflateGroupY property to specify the indentation of the group on vertical axis. Use the IsGroup property to specify whether a node was added using the AddGroup method.

The Caption parameter supports the following built-in HTML tags:

Newer HTML format supports subscript and superscript like follows:

Newer HTML format supports decorative text like follows:

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