property Node.ShowLinks as Boolean
Shows or hides the links between node and its child nodes or its parent, if is it an assistant node.

   Boolean A Boolean expression that indicates whether the child nodes, or assistant nodes are connected to their parent node.   
By default, the ShowLinks property is True. Use the ShowLinks property to hide the connection between a child node or an assistant node to its parent. Use the LinkTo property to connect manually a node with other. The ShowLinks property doesn't affect the links added manually using the LinkTo property. Use the FixedWidth property to fix the node's width. For instance, use the ShowLinks property to hide the connection between an assistant node and its parent, so it can simulate that an assistant node can have a child assistant node, like shown in the following screen shot. The ShowLinkDir property indicates whether the direction of the link is hidden, while the ShowLinksDir property is True.

 The red circle marks the area where the link between the assistant node and its parent is hidden.

The following template shows how to simulate a child assistant node:

and it generates a screen like follows:


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