property Property.Value as Variant

Retrieves or sets the property's value

   Variant A variant expression that indicates the property's value.  

If the property object holds a property page or a category, the Value property has no sense. Use the PropertyObject property to check whether the property is of object type. Use the value property to determine the object contained by the property. Use the Object to get the owner object of a property. Use the DisplayValue property to get the text that control displays in the browser. The control fires the EditChange event while user types characters in the property's text box control. The Name property retrieves the name of the property. Use the AddValue method to add predefined values to a drop down list editor. The DisplayValue property gets the string being displayed in the browser. The HTMLValue property specifies the HTML caption to be displayed on the Value column.

If the property is added manually, using the Add method, you need to call the Value property each time when you need to refresh the property's value. In case the properties list browses a COM object,  using the Select method,  you need to call the Refresh method to refresh the values for the properties in the browser, in case some changes occurs to the browsed object or if you need to. Also, if a property contains another COM object ( EditObject type ), the Refresh method updates the values for all browsed properties.

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