method PropertiesList.Refresh ()
Refreshes the properties values.


Refreshes the control. Use the BeginUpdate and EndUpdate methods to maintain performances while adding new entries. If a property is added manually, using the Add method, you need to call the Value property each time when you need to refresh the property's value. In case the properties list browses a COM object,  using the Select method,  you need to call the Refresh method to refresh the values for the properties in the browser, in case some changes occurs to the browsed object or if you need to. Also, if a property contains another COM object ( EditObject type ), the Refresh method updates the values for all browsed properties.

Use the Refresh method when adding values to a drop down editor like in the following sample:

With PropertiesList1
        .Add "Appearance", "", ReadOnly
        With .Add("Border", 0, EditEnum, , "Appearance")
            .AddValue 0, "0 - None"
            .AddValue 1, "1 - Fixed"
        End With
End With

If the Refresh method is not called in the above sample, the value for the Border property will be empty, because the predefined list of values for Border property were added after adding the property Border. 

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