property Property.Name as String

Retrieves the property's name.

   String A string expression that indicates the property's name.  

If the Property object hosts a category the Name property retrieves the category name. Use the SelectedProperty event to find out the selected property. The Value property gets the property's value. The ID property gets the identifier of the property. The Description property gets the description of the property being displayed in the control's description bar. Use the UserData property to associate an extra data to the property. Use the HTMLName property to assign icons, pictures, font attributes or colors, to parts of the caption being displayed in the Name column.

The following sample prints the name and the type of the selected property ( for instance, the sample is useful to find out the type of the property selected, when you need to include or exclude properties using the IncludeProperty event):

Private Sub PropertiesList1_SelChange()
    Debug.Print "You have selected the """ & PropertiesList1.SelectedProperty.Name & """. The type for it is: " & PropertiesList1.SelectedProperty.Type
End Sub

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