method Button.FocusSkin (State as StateEnum, File as String)
Specifies the skin file to display the specified state, when control has the focus.

State as StateEnum A StateEnum expression that indicates the state skin being changed.
File as String A String expression that indicates the BASE64 encoded string that holds a skin file (*.ebn ), or a path to the skin file (*.ebn ). The skin file must be created using the Exontrol's ExButton Builder. Use the Exontrol's exImages tool to build BASE 64 encoded strings on the skin file you have created. If the File parameter is an empty string the skin is erased, so your button displays only the Image and the Caption of the button without a visual appearance ( skin ).
The FocusSkin method assign a new skin to the specified state. The focused skin is displayed ONLY if the UseFocusSkin property is True, and the control has the focus.  By default, the exMAX style contains a focused skin, and changes the UseFocusSkin property on True. Use the Skin method to assign different skins on specified states when the control is not focused or when the UseFocusSkin property is False. Use the FocusSkin and UseFocusSkin properties to assign a different visual appearance to the button when it has the focus. Use the ShowFocusRect property to display a thin rectangle around the button's caption or button's image when the button has the focus. The Style property deletes any previous skin used. Call the FocusSkin property after Style, or Skin property if you require a different focused skin.  Use the ForeColorState property to assign a different foreground color for certain state. Use the FocusSkinV method to load EBNs from resources.

Please be aware that Style property changes the following properties, based on the style chosen:

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