property Button.UseFocusSkin as Boolean
Specifies whether the focus skins are used when control has the focus.

Boolean A boolean expression that indicates whether the button provides a different visual appearance when the button has the focus.
Use the UseFocusSkin property to change the visual appearance for your button when it has the focus. Use the FocusSkin method to assign a skin for the button when it has the focus. Use the Style property to assign a predefined appearance to your button. Use the ShowFocusRect property to draw a thin rectangle around the button's caption when it has the focus. 

Please be aware that Style property changes the following properties, based on the style chosen: 

If you require certain value for the UseFocusSkin property you have to change the UseFocusSkin property after changing the Style property.

For instance, the exMAC style provides a skin when the button has the focus.