property Event.Start as Date
Specifies the starting date/time of the event.

Date A DATE expression that specifies the lower margin of the event
The Start property of the Event indicates the date/time when the event or the appointment begins. The Start parameter of the Add method indicates the starting point of the event at adding time. The End property of the event indicates the ending point of the event. The Start and End properties may be identical if the AllDayEvent property is True. The UpdateEvent event is fired once the Start property is changed. The Resizable property of the Event indicates whether the user can resize the event at runtime ( start, end or both ). The Movable property of the Event indicates whether the user can move the event at runtime. You can use the MinDate/MaxDate property specifies the range of dates where the Start/End can be shown. You can use the MoveBy method to delay the current event with a specified value time. You can use the KnownProperty(exEventDuration) to change the event's duration.

The KnownProperty( exEventEndDateTime) property indicates the End property on a label property such as: DefaultEventLongLabel, DefaultEventShortLabel, CreateEventLabel, UpdateEventsLabel, ShortLabel, LongLabel and ExtraLabel