property Event.AllDayEvent as Boolean
Indicates whether the event is an all day event.

Boolean A boolean expression that indicates whether the event is an all-day event.
The AllDayEvent property indicates whether the time section of the event's margins are ignored. The Start/End properties indicates the event's margins. The Start and End properties may be identical, if the AllDayEvent property is True. The AllowCreateAllDayEvent property indicates whether the user can create all-day events at runtime. The user can create automatically All-Day events only, when the control displays no time scale ( the schedule could be zoomed using AllowResizeSchedule, so no time scale is shown ). Use the ShowAllDayHeader property to show the schedule's All-Day header so all All-Day evens are shown on this header. The AllowAllDayEventScroll property gets or sets a value that specifies whether the all-day event header supports scrolling. The AllowSelectCreateEvent property specifies whether the newly created event gets selected or highlighted.

The KnownProperty(exEventAllDay) property indicates the AllDayEvent property on a label property such as: DefaultEventLongLabel, DefaultEventShortLabel, CreateEventLabel, UpdateEventsLabel, ShortLabel, LongLabel and ExtraLabel. You can use the KnownProperty(exEventStartDate) property to extract the starting date of the event. You can use the KnownProperty(exEventEndDate) property to extract the ending date of the event.