property Editor.UserEditorObject as Object
Gets the user editor object when EditType is UserEditor.

   Object An ActiveX object being used as an user editor.    
Use the UserEditorOpen property to access to the inner ActiveX user editor. Use the UserEditor property to initialize the inner ActiveX user editor. The UserEditorObject property retrieves the ActiveX control created by the UserEditor method. The type of object returned by the UserEditorObject depends on the ControlID parameter of the UserEditor method. For instance, the type of the created object when UserEditor("Exontrol.ComboBox") is called, is EXCOMBOBOXLibCtl.ComboBox. The UserEditorObject property gets nothing if the UserEditor method fails to create the inner ActiveX control. The control fires the UserEditorOleEvent event each time when an user editor fires an event.

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