property Frame.Nodes as String
Specifies the list of keys for the nodes to show the frame, separated by comma character. The node's key may ends with (all) to include all child, assistant nodes, with (child) to include the direct children of the node only, with (assistant) to include the assistant nodes of the node, with (group) to include all nodes in the same group, or it refers to the node itself.

   String A String expression that defines a collection of nodes that defines the frame. The list contains key of the nodes, separated by comma character as explained bellow. For instance "AK1,AK2" or "AK1(child)"  

The Nodes property ( equivalent with the Nodes parameter of the Add method ) defines the list of nodes to be included in the frame, separated by comma character (,) as follows:

For instance:

Once a new frame is added you can:

The following screen shot shows a thick black-border around child nodes of the root node ( "root(child)" ):


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