method Grid.Ungroup ()
Ungroups the columns, if they have been previously grouped.

The Ungroup method removes the grouping items from the control's list. The AllowGroupBy property specifies whether the control supports Group-By feature. The Ungroup method has no effect if the AllowGroupBy property is False, or no columns is grouped. The Group method forces the control to re-group the items. During execution any of these methods, the IsGrouping property returns True.  You can call the SortOrder property to sort and group by specified column. Use the SortType property to determine the way how the column is sorted. The AddGroupItem event is fired when a new grouping items is added to the control's list. You can use the AddGroupItem event, to add headers or footers during grouping, customize the aggregate formula to be displayed on different columns, while dropping a column to the sortbar. The Column.AllowGroupBy property may be used to prevent grouping a specific column. The AllowSort property indicates whether the user can sort a column by clicking the column's header.