property Grid.IsGrouping as Boolean
Indicates whether the control is grouping the items.

Boolean A Boolean expression that specifies whether the control is grouping or ungrouping the items.
The IsGrouping property determines whether the control is grouping/ungrouping the items. The AllowGroupBy property specifies whether the control supports Group-By feature. For instance, during grouping, the control may expand or collapse items, you can use the IsGrouping property to determine if the BeforeExpandItem/AfterExpandItem events occur due user interaction or control's grouping operation. The GroupItem property indicates the index of the column being grouped for specified grouping item. The Group/Ungroup method groups or ungroup the control's list. During execution any of these methods, the IsGrouping property returns True. The LayoutChanged event is fired when the user changes the layout of the control, including dragging a column to the sort bar. The SortBarColumnsCount property indicates the number of the columns being grouped. The SortBarColumn property indicates the column being sorted giving its position in the sort bar.