property Column.SortType as SortTypeEnum
Returns or sets a value that indicates the way the control sorts the values for a column.

SortTypeEnum A SortTypeEnum expression that indicates the way how control sorts the column.

By default, the column's sort type is string. Use the SortType property to specify how the control sorts the column. Use the DisplaySortIcon property to hide the sort icon displayed when the column was sorted. Use the SortChildren method to sort items. Use the CellCaption property to get the string being displayed in the cell. Use the CellValue property to specify the cell's value. Use the CellSortData to specify the data being sorted when the SortType property is SortCellData or SortCellDataString. Use the CellData property to specify the values being sorted if the SortType property is SortUserData. The Sort event is fired when the user sorts a column. The SortPosition property changes the position of the column in the sorting columns collection. the SingleSort property to specify whether the control supports sorting by single or multiple columns. The SortOrder property determines the column's sort order. The SortableItem property specifies whether the item keeps its position after sorting.