property Grid.CountLockedColumns as Long
Retrieves or sets a value indicating the number of locked columns. 

   Long A long expression that indicates the number of locked columns.  

The control is able to display two types of columns: locked and unlocked columns. A locked column is not scrollable, and it is fixed to the left side of the control. An unlocked control is scrollable. Use the CountLockedColumns property to define the number of columns that are in the locked area. Use the BackColorLock property to specify the background color for the locked area. Use the ForeColorLock property to specify the foreground color for the locked area. If the CountLockedColumns property is zero, no locked columns defined, then  BackColorLock and ForeColorLock have no effect. Use the LockedItemCount property to lock or unlock items to the top or bottom side of the control. Use the MergeCells method to combine one or more cells in a single cell.

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