constants PutResEnum
The PutResEnum type indicates the values to load or save the resources associated to a bar using the Items.ItemBar(exBarResources), while using the PutRes method. The PutRes method saves or loads the bar's resources. The PutRes feature adds the ability to display the resources usage to a different exg2antt component. The PutRes method saves or updates the resources to or from a different exg2antt component. The PutRes feature must use 2 different eXG2antt controls.

The PutResEnum type supports the following values:

   exPutResLoad1 Loads the bar's resources from another control. For instance, the Target.PutRes(Source.ResHandle, exPutResLoad) method loads the bar's usage of resources in Target. The exPutResLoad option must be used on the Target component that displays the Resources column, where all resources being found are set on lines, while bars in the chart indicates the bars in the Source that uses the current resource. 

The following picture shows the Target once the Target.PutRes(Source.ResHandle, exPutResLoad) is called:

   exPutResSave2 Saves the bar's resources to another control. , For instance the Source.PutRes( Target.ResHandle, exPutResSave ) saves the bar's allocations to Source taking data from the Target. The exPutResSave option must be used on Source control, so the changes in the Target control are updated to the Source control.

The following picture shows the Source ( the original Gantt control ) once the Source.PutRes( Target.ResHandle, exPutResSave ) is called:


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