constants CreateBarEnum
The CreateBarEnum type specifies if a new bar is added automatically or manually during the CreateBar event. Use the AllowCreateBar property to let user creates new bars by selecting the bar's area at runtime. By default, the AllowCreateBar is exCreateBarManual.

   exNoCreateBar0 The CreateBar event is not fired.  
   exCreateBarManual-1 The CreateBar event is fired and no bar is added, so you need to call AddBar method to add a new bar.   
   exCreateBarAuto1 The CreateBar event is fired and a 'newbar' of 'Task' type is added. Use the ItemBar property to change the key, the name or any other property of the newly created bar whose exBarKey property is "newbar" and it's exBarName is "Task". In other words, when this value is set, the control automatically adds a new bar to selected position, with the key 'newbar' that looks like this: . If the ChangeBar event is not handled, only a single bar is added to the same item, as the key is never changed. If you handle the CreateBar event, and assign a different key for the newly created bar, multiple bars can be added at runtime.  

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