method Surface.SaveXML (Destination as Variant)
Saves the control's content as XML document to the specified location, using the MSXML parser.

Destination as Variant This object can represent a file name, an XML document object, or a custom object that supports persistence as follows:
  • String - Specifies the file name. Note that this must be a file name, rather than a URL. The file is created if necessary and the contents are entirely replaced with the contents of the saved document. For example:


  • Reference to a String member - Saves the control's content to the string member. Note that the string member must be empty, before calling the SaveXML method. For example:

    Dim s As String
    Surface1.SaveXML s

    In VB.NET for /NET assembly, you should call such as :

    Dim s As String = String.Empty

    In C# for /NET assembly, you should call such as :

    string s = string.Empty;
    exsurface1.SaveXML(ref s); 

  • XML Document Object. For example:

    Dim xmldoc as Object
    Set xmldoc = CreateObject("MSXML.DOMDocument")

  • Custom object supporting persistence - Any other custom COM object that supports QueryInterface for IStream, IPersistStream, or IPersistStreamInit can also be provided here and the document will be saved accordingly. In the IStream case, the IStream::Write method will be called as it saves the document; in the IPersistStream case, IPersistStream::Load will be called with an IStream that supports the Read, Seek, and Stat methods.

BooleanA Boolen expression that specifies whether saving the XML document was ok.
The SaveXML method uses the MSXML ( MSXML.DOMDocument, XML DOM Document ) parser to save the control's data in XML documents. The LoadXML method loads XML documents being created with SaveXML method. The elements of the surface go to the <Elements> section, while the links go to the <Links> section. Each element goes under the <element> section, while each information about a link goes to the <link> section.

The XML Format of the file is:

- <Content Author Component Version ...>
	- <Elements>
		  <Element ID ... /> 
	- <Links>
		  <Link ID ...>