method Surface.LoadXML (Source as Variant)
Loads an XML document from the specified location, using MSXML parser.

Source as Variant An indicator of the object that specifies the source for the XML document. The object can represent a file name, a URL, an IStream, a SAFEARRAY, or an IXMLDOMDocument.
BooleanA boolean expression that specifies whether the XML document is loaded without errors. If an error occurs, the method retrieves a description of the error occurred.
The LoadXML method uses the MSXML ( MSXML.DOMDocument, XML DOM Document ) parser to load XML documents, previously saved using the SaveXML method. The LoadXML method loads elements and links. The elements of the surface go to the <Elements> section, while the links go to the <Links> section. Each element goes under the <element> section, while each information about a link goes to the <link> section.

The XML Format of the file is:

- <Content Author Component Version ...>
	- <Elements>
		  <Element ID ... /> 
	- <Links>
		  <Link ID ...>