method ExPrint.Images (Handle as Variant)
Sets at runtime the print's image list. The Handle should be a handle to an Image List Control.

   Handle as Variant The Handle parameter could be:
  • A long expression that identifies a handle to an Image List Control ( the Handle should be of HIMAGELIST type ). On 64-bit platforms, the Handle parameter must be a Variant of LongLong / LONG_PTR data type ( signed 64-bit (8-byte) integers ), saved under llVal field, as VT_I8 type. The LONGLONG / LONG_PTR is __int64, a 64-bit integer. For instance, in C++ you can use as Images( COleVariant( (LONG_PTR)hImageList) ) or Images( COleVariant( (LONGLONG)hImageList) ), where hImageList is of HIMAGELIST type. The GetSafeHandle() method of the CImageList gets the HIMAGELIST handle.
  • A string expression that indicates the BASE64 encoded string that holds the icons list. Use the Exontrol's ExImages Tool to save/load your icons as BASE64 encoded format. In this case the string may begin with "gBJJ..."
  • A string expression that specifies the ICO file to be loaded. The ICO file format is an image file format for computer icons in Microsoft Windows. ICO files contain one or more small images at multiple sizes and color depths, such that they may be scaled appropriately. For instance, Images("e:\working\sync.ico") method  adds the sync.ico file to the control's Images collection. ( available for DPI-Aware version only )
Use the Images method to attach a image list to the control. At runtime, the user can use the Images and ReplaceIcon method to change the Images collection. The Images collection is 1 based. The Images collection does not affect the content of a page, only the toolbar or the margins of the paper. For instance, the ExPrint1.Caption = "<img>5<img> Print" will print the 5'th icon and the Print label on the each page. Use the HTMLPicture property to display custom size pictures.

Use the ToolBarFormat property to add new buttons, icons , pictures or any HTML caption to the eXPrint's toolbar. The ItemCaption property specifies the button's caption that may include icons, pictures if the <img> HTML built-in element is included. The Caption property specifies the name of the document, and may display icons or pictures as well, if <img> HTML tag is included. The ExtraCaption property adds custom captions to each page, and may display icons or pictures as well, if <img> HTML tag is included.

By default, the control loads the following icons to be shown on the control's toolbar:



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