property ExPrint.Caption as String
Specifies the document's caption.

   String A string expression that indicates the document's caption, that support built-in HTML tags like shown bellow.  

Use the Caption property to specify the printed document's caption. Use the CaptionAlignment property to align the caption in the header or footer of the printed page. Use the CaptionPosition property to specify whether the document's caption is displayed on the header or footer of the printed page. Use the ShowPageNumbers property to show or hide the page number filed. Use the ExtraCaption property to add extra captions to your document. Use the Font property to assign a different font for the caption printed on the document. Use the <br> to break lines in the caption, and so you can display multiple-lines captions. Use the Images/ReplaceIcon method to add new icons to the control. Use the HTMLPicture property to add custom sized pictures.

Currently, the Caption property may include the following built-in HTML elements:

Use the <br> to break the lines, use the <font> element to specify a new face for the font, or to change the size of the font.

Also the Caption property supports the following predefined values:



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