MenuButton object
Tip The /COM object can be placed on a HTML page (with usage of the HTML object tag:  <object classid="clsid:...">)  using the class identifier: {3AD387DD-2DBF-4C11-8591-9DE1E65C28C7}. The object's program identifier is: "ExPopupMenu.MenuButton". The /COM object module is: "ExPMenu.dll"
A MenuButton object displays a PopupMenu object when user clicks a drop down button. The MenuButton object  

  AlignmentRetrieves or sets the caption's alignment. 
  AppearanceRetrieves or sets the menu button's appearance. 
  BackColorRetrieves or sets the control's background color. 
  CaptionRetrieves or sets the control's caption. 
  CursorInsideChecks whether the cursor is over the control. 
  DismissCloses the popup menu if it is opened. 
  DropDownVisibleRetrieves or sets a value indicating whether the control contains a drop down button. 
  EnabledEnables or disables the control. 
  EventParamRetrieves or sets a value that indicates the current's event parameter. 
  FontRetrieves or sets the control's font. 
  ForeColorRetrieves or sets the control's foreground color. 
  hWndRetrieves the control's window handle. 
  LastIDRetrieves the last command identifier that was selected. 
  MenuAssociates a menu to a button. 
  MenuAlignRetrieves or sets the menu's alignment. 
  PictureRetrieves or sets the control's picture. 
  PictureAlignmentRetrieves or sets a value that indicates the picture's alignment. 
  PushPresses the button. 
  ShowFocusRectRetrieves or sets a value that indicates whether the focus rectangle is visible or hidden. 
  TypeRetrieves or sets the control's type. 
  VersionRetrieves the control's version.