FormatContents object
The FormatContents object holds a collection of FormatContent objects. The FormatContent object holds information about how a column or row can be displayed, formatted or converted. The FormatContents property accesses the FormatContents collection. The following sample shows the control's context menu with a different appearance and more converting functions:

If the PivotBarVisible property includes the exPivotBarAllowFormatContent flag, the control's context menu includes the FormatContent objects. If the exPivotBarAllowFormatContent flag is missing from the PivotBarVisible property, the control's context menu displays no FormatContent objects. 

By default, the FormatContents collection contains the following keys:

The FormatContents collection supports the following properties and methods:

AddAdds a FormatContent object and returns a reference to the newly created object.
ClearRemoves all objects in a collection.
CountReturns the number of objects in a collection.
ItemReturns a specific FormatContent object giving its key.
RemoveRemoves a specific member from the collection.