property Pivot.PivotBarVisible as PivotBarVisibleEnum
Specifies how the control displays its pivot bar.

PivotBarVisibleEnum A PivotBarVisibleEnum expression that specifies the properties of the control's pivot bar. This is a bit-OR combination on the listed values.
By default, the PivotBarVisible property is exPivotBarDefault, which is a BIT-OR combination of the following values. exPivotBarVisible | exPivotBarSizable | exPivotBarAutoFit | exPivotBarShowTotals | exPivotBarAllowValues | exPivotBarAllowFormatConditionalAppearance | exPivotBarAllowFormatAppearance | exPivotBarAllowFormatContent | exPivotBarAutoUpdate | exPivotBarAllowUndoRedo | exPivotBarAllowResizeColumns. The PivotColumnsFloatBarVisible property indicates whether the control shows a floating panel to display the pivot columns that can be dropped to the control's pivot bar.  The LayoutStartChanging/LayoutEndChanging events notify your application once changes occurs in the control.

The following screen shot shows the control's pivot bar:


Use the PivotBarVisible property to specify one or more of the followings: