property FormatConditionalAppearance.Key as String
Indicates the key of the FormatConditionalAppearance object.

   String A String expression that specifies the unique key of the FormatConditionalAppearance object. The Key of the FormatConditionalAppearance should include only alpha-numeric characters, any other character will be ignored.  
The Key property indicates the key of the FormatConditionalAppearance. Use the Key of the FormatConditionalAppearance in [] to apply the specified object to any column or row, that matches the expression. For instance, the PivotRows property on "0[positive]" to group by the first column and shows the column's content in green for all positive values. The same rule is applied to PivotColumns or PivotTotals property. The Expression property defines the conditional expression that determines whether the current format is applied on the pivot's cell based on the cell's value.

By default, the FormatConditionalAppearances collection contains the following keys:

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