Frame object
The Frame objects holds information about what a frame to display. The Add method returns the newly added frame. The Item property gets a frame object based on its index.

A Frame is defined by an union of nodes, and can:

The following screen show shows an EBN frame around child nodes of the root node:

The Frame object supports the following properties and methods:

  BackColorGets or sets a value that indicates the frame's background color. 
  BackgroundExtIndicates additional colors, text, images that can be displayed on the frame's background using the EBN string format. 
  BackgroundExtValueSpecifies at runtime, the value of the giving property for specified part of the background extension. 
  IndexIndicates the index of the current Frame object within the Frames collection. 
  NodesSpecifies the list of keys for the nodes to show the frame, separated by comma character. The node's key may ends with (all) to include all child, assistant nodes, with (child) to include the direct children of the node only, with (assistant) to include the as??? 
  PaddingReturns or sets a value that indicates the padding of the frame. 
  PatternSpecifies the pattern of the frame. 
  ShowOnBackgroundShows the frame on the control's background. 
  VisibleShows or hides the frame.