Nodes object
The Nodes object holds a collection of Node objects. The Nodes object holds the control's nodes collection. Use the Nodes property to access the Nodes collection. Use the Editors property to access to the control's editors collection. The Nodes collection supports the following properties and methods: 

  AddAdds a child node and returns a reference to the newly created object. 
  ClearRemoves all objects in a collection. 
  CountReturns the number of objects in a collection. 
  ItemReturns a specific node of the Nodes collection. 
  ItemByIDReturns a node giving its unique identifier. 
  ItemByPositionRetrieves a node giving its position. 
  ParentRetrieves the node's parent. 
  RemoveRemoves a specific member from the Nodes collection. 
  RemoveByIDRemoves a member giving its unique identifier.