property XMLGrid.Editors as Editors
Retrieves the control's Editors collection.

   Editors An Editors object that holds the collection of Editor objects.   
Use the Editors property to access the control's editors collection. The control supports several type of editors like described in the EditTypeEnum enumeration. Use the Add method to add new type of editors to the control. Use the Editor property to assign an editor to a node. Use the EditType property to specify the type of editor being used. Use the Editing property to check whether the control is running in edit mode.

The following sample adds a spin editor to a node:

With XMLGrid1
        With .Editors
            With .Add("Spin")
                .ButtonWidth = 18
                .EditType = SpinType
                .AddButton "A", 1
                .AddButton "B", 1, RightAlignment
            End With
        End With
        With .Nodes
            With .Add("Spin", 1)
                .Editor = "Spin"
            End With
        End With
End With

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