property ListBar.ShowShortcutBar as Boolean
Retrieves or sets a value that indicates whether the image shortcut bar is visible or hidden.

   Boolean A Boolean expression that indicates whether the control's shortcut bar is visible or hidden.  
By default, the ShowShortcutBar property is False, and that means that the shortcut bar is hidden. The shortcut bar if visible, it is displayed on the bottom side of the control as seen in the following screen shot. The Shortcut feature allows you to group the groups in sets, so you may have sets that contains groups, and groups that contains items. The Shortcut property indicates the HTML caption of the shortcut that displays the specified group. Groups with the same Shortcut property are displayed in the same shortcut. The ShortcutPicture property assigns a custom size picture to a shortcut. Use the ShortcutPictureWidth and ShortcutPictureHeight properties to indicate the size of the picture being displayed in the shortcut bar. The ShortcutBarHeight property sets or gets a value that indicates the height in pixels of the control's shortcut bar. The ShortcutBarBackColor property indicates the shortcut bar's background color or its visual appearance if using skins. The ShortcutResizeBackColor property changes the visual appearance of the resizing bar of the shortcut bar. The SelectShortcut property selects a shortcut. When a shortcut is selected, the control displays only groups with the Shortcut property as being the SelectShortcut property.

The red circle marks the control's shortcut bar. Use the AllowResizeShortcutBar property to specify whether the user may expand the shortcut bar using the mouse. Use the ExpandShortcutImage property to display a custom icon in the right side expand button. Use the ExpandShortcutCount property to specify the number of shortcuts that display their full caption, else the first icon in the caption is displayed or the assigned picture is displayed.

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