property Group.Shortcut as String
Specifies the name of the shortcut which displays the group.

   String A HTML expression that indicates the caption of the shortcut.  
The Group objects with the same Shortcut property belongs to the same set, and displays the Shortcut caption in the control's shortcut bar. The ShowShortcutBar property specifies whether the control's shortcut bar is visible or hidden. By default, the Shortcut property is empty, so all Group in the Groups collection belongs to the same set. The shortcut bar displays the first icon in the HTML caption, if found, or it displays a custom size picture if specified using the the ShortcutPicture property. If the Shortcut has associated a custom size picture ( ShortcutPicture property ), the first icon found in the HTML caption is not displayed in the shortcut bar. The entire Shortcut caption is displayed when the shortcut is expanded. Use the ExpandShortcutCount property to expand the number of shortcuts in the control's shortcut bar.

The Shortcut property supports the following HTML tags:

Newer HTML format supports subscript and superscript like follows:

Also, newer HTML format supports decorative text like follows:



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