property List.SortOnClick as SortOnClickEnum
Retrieves or sets a value that indicates whether the control sorts automatically the data when the user click on column's caption.

   SortOnClickEnum A SortOnClickEnum expression that indicates the action that control takes when user clicks the column's header.   
Use the SortOnClick property to disable sorting items when the user clicks on the column's header. Use the SortBarVisible property to show the control's sort bar. Use the SingleSort property to allow sorting by single or multiple columns. Use the AllowSort property to avoid sorting a column when user clicks the column. Use the DefaultSortOrder property to specify the column's default sort order, when the user first clicks the column's header.

There are two methods to get the items sorted like follows: 

The control fires the Sort event when the control sorts a column ( the user clicks the column's head ) or when the sorting position is changed in the control's sort bar. Use the Sort event to sort the data when the SortOnClk property is exUserSort


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