property Column.SortOrder as SortOrderEnum
Specifies the column's sort order.

   SortOrderEnum A SortOrderEnum expression that indicates the column's sort order.  
The SortOrder property determines the column's sort order. By default, the SortOrder property is SortNone. Use the SortOrder property to sort a column at runtime. Use the SortType property to determine the way how the column is sorted. Use the AllowSort property to avoid sorting a column when the user clicks the column. Use the SingleSort property to specify whether the control supports sorting by single or multiple columns. If the control supports sorting by multiple columns, the SortOrder property adds or removes the column to the sorting columns collection. For instance, if the SortOrder property is set to SortAscending or SortDescending the column is added to the sorting columns collection. If the SortOrder property is set to SortNone the control removes the column from its sorting columns collection. The Sort event is fired when the user sorts a column. The SortPosition property changes the position of the column in the control's sort bar. Use the DefaultSortOrder property to specify the column's default sort order, when the user first clicks the column's header. Use the FirstVisibleItem and NextVisibleItem properties to enumerate the items as they are listed.


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