property Column.DisplayFilterPattern as Boolean
Specifies whether the dropdown filter bar contains a textbox for editing the filter as pattern.

Boolean A boolean expression that indicates whether the pattern field is visible or hidden. 
Use the DisplayFilterButton property to show the column's filter button. If the DisplayFilterButton property is False the drop down filter window doesn't include the "Filter For" or "Date" field. Use the DisplayFilterDate property to filter items that match a given interval of dates. Use the CustomFilter property to define you custom filters. The  "Filter For" (pattern) field in the drop down filter window is always shown if the FilterOnType property is True, no matter of the DisplayFilterPattern property.

The drop down filter window displays the "Filter For" field if the DisplayFilterPattern property is True, and the DisplayFilterDate property is False. If the drop down filter window displays "Filter For" field, and user types the filter inside, the FilterType property of the Column is set to exPattern, and Filter property of the Column object specifies the filter being typed.