property Column.DisplayFilterButton as Boolean
Shows or hides the column's filter bar button.

Boolean A boolean expression that indicates whether the column's filter bar button is visible or hidden.  

By default, the DisplayFilterButton property is False. The column's filter button is displayed on the column's caption. Use the FilterOnType property to enable the Filter-On-Type feature, that allows you to filter the control's data based on the characters you type.

 The DisplayFilterPattern property determines whether the column's filter window includes the "Filter For" (pattern) field. Use the DisplayFilterDate property to include a date selector to the column's drop down filter window. Use the FilterBarDropDownHeight property to specify the height of the drop down filter window. Use the FilterType property to specify the type of the column's filter. Use the FilterList property to specify the list of items being included in the column's drop down filter list. Use FilterBarDropDownWidth property to specify the width of the drop down filter window. Use the Background property to change the visual appearance for the drop down filter button. Use the FilterCriteria property to specify the filter criteria usinr OR, AND or NOT operators. Use the CustomFilter property to define you custom filters. Use the ShowFilter method to show programmatically the column's drop down filter window.