property Grid.ViewModeOption(Mode as ViewModeEnum, Option as ViewModeOptionEnum) as Variant
Specifies options for the control's view mode.

   Mode as ViewModeEnum A ViewModeEnum expression that indicates the way how data is displayed.  
   Option as ViewModeOptionEnum A ViewModeOptionEnum expression that indicates the view's option being changed  
   Variant A Variant expression indicates the newly value for the specified option.  
The ViewModeOption property gets or sets a specified option for a particular view. Use the ViewMode option to change the way how data is displayed in the control. Use the BeginUpdate and EndUpdate methods to avoid painting the control while changing multiple options.

For instance, the following VB sample changes the size of the control's borders when the control is running in exTableView mode:

With Grid1
    .ViewModeOption(exTableView, exBorderWidth) = 2
    .ViewModeOption(exTableView, exBorderHeight) = 2
End With

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