property Grid.HeaderVisible as Boolean
Retrieves or sets a value that indicates whether the the control's header is visible or hidden.

   Boolean A boolean expression that indicates whether the columns header bar is visible or hidden.  
Use the HeaderVisible property to hide the columns header bar. Use the Visible property to hide a particular column. Use the ColumnFromPoint property to access the column from point. If the control's header bar is hidden, the ColumnFromPoint property returns -1.  Use the LevelKey property to allow multiple levels header bar. Use the FormatLevel property to display multiple levels in the column's header. Use the HeaderHeight property to specify the height of the control's header bar. Use the BackColorHeader property to specify the header's background color. Use the AllowSizing property to disable resizing a column when user clicks the right margin of the column. Use the SortOnClick property to specify the action that control takes when the column's caption is clicked. Use the ColumnsAllowSizing property to allow resizing the columns, when the control's header bar is not visible. The Background(exCursorHoverColumn) property specifies the visual appearance of the column's header when the cursor hovers it. 
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